If you're interested in sharing more information about the work of Mira's Movement with your circle of family, friends, co-workers, and or neighbors, we'd love to talk with you about hosting an Awareness Reception.

An Awareness Reception can really be in any format you choose, but the primary idea is to host a gathering of at least 10 people to your home or business. A Mira's Movement representative will attend and talk about childhood cancer as a whole, the work that we do (providing support to families and advocacy), and answer questions. The goal of these gatherings is to raise awareness of the disease and it's realities as a whole, to encourage involvement in some way, and to fundraise.

Some suggested formats:
Wine & Cheese reception (either late afternoon or evening)
An on-site lunch with co-workers and inviting us to your workplace
Incorporating this piece into another event (a 2 for 1!)

For families who have had a child diagnosed with cancer:
Mark your child's diagnosis date, end of treatment, or another significant date, in this way

E-mail us at or call us (607) 319-4804 to plan your awareness event.

Thank you for your interest in raising awareness of childhood cancer
and the work of Mira's Movement!