We want to thank our very valuable donors, whose contributions make our work possible.


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
The John Joseph Inn and Elizabeth Restaurant
Last Man Standing Club
Norabloom Beauty Lounge
The Students of Ithaca College


Orange ($5000+)
Jason Cottrell and Tracey Intorcia
Robin Davisson and David Skorton

Gold ($2500+)

Silver ($1000+)
Percy Browning
Margaret Gibson--In honor of Barbara Lifton
Adelaide P. Gomer
Carol and Mack Travis

Bronze ($500+)
John and Elaine Alexander
Randy and Ronald Ehrenberg
Steve Gordon and Jaime Wolff
David Korones
David and Sue McKain
Tony and Ivette Plohoros

Friends ($250+)
Barbara Foote and Lois Malarkey
David Halpert and Teresa Deschanes
Risa Mish and John Lauricella
John and Carla McKain
John and Carolyn Neuman
Dr. William and Karen Pullano
Katherine T. Smith--In memory of Mira Brouwer
Robert Wiess and Sylvia Lee
David and Rose Wrisley

Supporters (under $250)

Barry and Margaret Adams
Amy Aittama and Laura Ward
Katherine Anderson--In honor of Sandy True
James W. Aschenbrener
Iris O. Auerbacher--In memory of Ernst Auerbacher
Kimberly and John Barker
Jillian Berry
Monica Berry
Christa Bissell
Oliver Blaise
Carolyn Blend
Ira and Anne Brous
Michael and Dianne Brunner
Wendell Bryce
Colleen Burge
Regina and Bob Burke
Frank Cain
Michael Cannon
E. Jacqueline Cassaniti
Lou Cassaniti
Olyn and Maralee Chaffee
Katherine Chesley
Terry and Barbara Ciaschi
Mary Ann Connor
Carolyn Corson
Mary J. Decker
Ken Deschere
Katherine Dietrich-Cacciotti
Carl and Susan Dolinka
Edward Dubovi
Elizabeth Einstein
David and Elizabeth Ellison--In memory of Mira Brouwer
David and Lisa Engle
Madeline Ernstoff
Elizabeth Frank--In memory of Mark M.
Loree Gagliano--In memory of Jacob Rynkiewicz
Graham Gillespie
Bradley and Mary Grainger
Michael and Catherine Haas
Andrew and Bridgett Hagen--In memory of Michael Pullano
Eileen Hagerty--In memory of Peggy Shenton
Judith Healey
Janice Hertel
Robert and Elizabeth Hillman
John Hurley--In memory of Mira Brouwer
Susan J. Kaplan
David Kay
Robert Kinney
Lauren Korfine
Barbara Kretzmann
Philip and Roseann Lanza
Frederick Manzella and Fran Spadaford-Manzella
Alan and Mary Mathios
Matthew and Michelle McSherry
Judith Meyers Thomas
Brad Miller
William and Patricia Mosher
Deepti Mudaliar and Vasanth Rajagopalan
William and Kathryn Murphy
Karen Nocera
Marilou Nowak
Carol Palmer
Anthony Pane, Jr. Ph.D.
Margaret M. Reaves
Ellen Rosten
Geralyn M. Saya
Ted Schiele and Christine Griffin
Raymond and Kathleen Schlather
George and Nancy Schuler
Lisa Siano
Rachel J. Siegel
Nancy Siegele and Hadley Smith
Dr. Howard J. Silberstein--In memory of Mira Brouwer
Victoria Simarano
Daniel and Kara Sleeth--In memory of Andrew Sleeth
Nancy Spero and Rob Sullivan--In memory of Mira
Andrew Stalder
Irene and Peter Stein--In memory of Mira Brouwer
Eloise Stewart
Dalya Tamir
Marybeth Tarzian
Martha Taylor
Douglas Thornton
Glenn and Lynn Trudell
Scott and B. Ann Tucker
Jill Vaughan - In memory of Tory Brouwer
Andrea Volckmar
Harriet Wallach
Kyu and Eileen Whang
Steven Wolf
Megan Wolfe
Eugene and Jeanne Yarussi
Joel and Cathy Zumoff


Mira's Movement has generously been included in the planned giving of these individuals

Mira's Movement is a 501(c)3 non profit.

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent determined by the IRS.
All donations receive a letter of acknowledgement to be used as a receipt.